10 Years

Ten years ago, today, my perspective on Heaven changed. Up to then it was conceptual; an idea I believed in where there was no sorrow or suffering. I was blissfully naïve.

But it’s different now. I have walked a path of grief. Heaven is no longer a thought. It’s a place I look forward to. The woman I shared my life with, started a family with and loved with all my heart is there.

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2 Responses to 10 Years

  1. Joyce says:

    You’re giving us all a better perspective on Heaven. And as the years go by, we all have more and more loved ones already there we look forward to seeing again. Thanks, Rob.

  2. Karna Smith says:

    Thanks, Rob. I have been on a similar journey. I appreciate your ability to put these experiences into words. Know one understands until it happens to them. Godspeed, Karna

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