Headed to Ecuador

I’ve written before that it’s weird when the miraculous becomes the norm. But, that’s what continues to happen, and I’m always amazed. Many of you have played a role in what I’m talking about, too! In one or all of the last eight years, God has used you to provide the means and the prayer support for us to reach literally thousands of people for Christ in Peru, Ecuador, Guatemala, Panama and Costa Rica.


Last year in Costa Rica, Jack helped feed hungry families.

So, I’m writing to ask if you’ll join us as we prepare to head to Ecuador for another life-changing outreach? This year, three of us are called. Your prayers and financial support will send us and a couple hundred other teens, college students and adults to Quito for almost two weeks to reach people in need of salvation. I’ll lead a team of thirty-plus teens, and Maggie and Jack will join the ranks of two additional teams.

Maggie and a teammate give out Bibles to seekers in San Juan, Costa Rica.

Based on past experience, I can say with confidence that while we’re there, hundreds of lives will be transformed. For some it will happen as they experience peace in their lives for the first time as they accept God’s gift of salvation. For others, it will happen as their eyes and hearts open to a far deeper understanding of God’s love for them—no matter what. The teens, themselves, will grow stronger and experience a deepening of their own faith. On all their behalf, thank you so much!

The financial need is a big one as transportation expenses continue to rise: As I write to you, we need need to raise over $4,000.00 to reach our $9,000.00 goal.

Kids Raising Hands

School children raising their hands to let us know they’ve just prayed to ask Jesus into their hearts!

Thanks for your prayerful consideration of how you can be a part of our support team.

You can make tax-deductible online donation here: www.neverthesamemissions.org/donate or you can send a check to us made out to: Big World Ventures.  Our address is: 3425 Inspiration Drive, Colorado Springs, CO, 80917.


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