Summer Outreach Update:

We’re just over a month away from joining a bunch of other teens to head out for two weeks of amazing outreach! Many of you have been hearing about the escalating trouble in Haiti as her people have been growing more and more frustrated with their government. Reports of riots, blocked roads and violence have increased to the point where the team at Big World Ventures–the organizers of these summer outreaches–have decided that they simply cannot continue with their plans to head to Haiti this summer. This news has been disappointing because we know that there are people in need of the hope-filled message of the Gospel.

Here’s an excerpt from the letter we received notifying us of the change. I share it with you because in addition to announcing that we will now be headed to Costa Rica you can also read why I have had so much confidence in Big World Ventures:

“As always, safety is our top concern! We attentively seek God’s will in each step on our mission ventures. As we have continued in prayer—and kept our eyes on current events in Haiti—we feel it’s now too unsafe to take our students there.
“So, following God’s leading, we are moving our trip to Costa Rica. Each year we plan two trips on the same dates—just in case something like this happens. Always having a Plan B in our back pocket allows us to make a seamless move.”

Our travel dates are the same and costs have also been able to be kept the same, which is another wonderful blessing. It has been particularly challenging this year for us and we are still about $2,500.00 under what is needed for our participation. Would you pray with us that God would bring the remaining funds in the next few weeks?

Thanks, again, for your support. I’m confident that there will soon be many more brothers and sisters in Christ who will be adopted into our family of believers as a result of this year’s outreach and your generous provision.

Eager to get into the field,

Rob, Maggie and Jack

P.S. If you’d like to add a tax-deductible donation to support this year’s outreach to Costa Rica, visit and mention “Kirkpatricks” in the missionary field. Thanks!

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