I’m thrilled to report to you all that we’ve received news of a marvelous blessing regarding the school that our children began attending just a few weeks ago.

The tuition is paid in full!!

We learned yesterday that the amount needed to cover the expenses associated with this school year have been covered by the generosity of many of you! In fact, the school has begun directing the donations that continue to come into a fund to help with the next school year (2006-2007)!

Needless to say, we are thankful beyond what words can express. Each of our children have adapted quickly and easily from home school into the formal school environment. We received a progress report this week for Rob and Ben. They are both doing very well—a testament to their wonderful mother and all she’s done for them through the years. I expect to hear the same about Maggie and Jack.

Lee remains much the same as she was when I last wrote; sleeping late into the morning and then moderately able to handle the rest of the day. We thought she had begun to develop a form of fluid retention around her liver (called ascites) because there is some visible distention below her ribs. Disappointingly, when an ultrasound was performed it revealed that the distention is actually due to the size of her liver and the cancer inside. Thankfully, we’ve not seen any corresponding increase in pain as Lee is still able to keep her discomfort at bay with the medicines she’s had for the past 6 weeks.

We’ve begun an intermediate form of in-home hospice care called palliative care. This will allow an increase in the presence of medical care and attention for Lee without requiring that she travel back and forth to Dr. Young’s office. This will also allow Dr. Young to follow Lee more closely as the palliative care nurse and physician will report to him directly. Additionally, if Lee’s condition does worsen we’ll have already begun developing relationships with the ones who would be directly involved in ministering to Lee and the rest of us. And if her condition improves, we’ll simply discontinue the service.

I must tell you all that we have by no means given up hope for God’s Divine intervention. There is truly no reason for us to do so. I’ll admit, however, that it is strange to be in the position of making arrangements like palliative care while also remaining confident that God truly could turn things around. It’s like having one foot firmly planted in hope and the other in the realm of preparing for what would be the absolute last thing we’d want to occur.

You all must be praying because we are truly experiencing the peace that passes understanding that God promises us in Philippians 4:6f. There is no fear—most of the time. Really. I mean it. It’s wonderful and weird.

Thank you, again, for your prayers, words of encouragement, financial gifts to offset school costs and medical bills, gift cards to help with meals, greeting cards with expressions of love and care, acts of service, and hugs when there are no words. We have been truly uplifted by each of you acting as God’s hands carrying us through this storm.


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